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Woman inactive for posting pretend Craigslist sex ads
AUSTIN -- associate state capital girl was charged with 5 counts of on-line impersonation once, investigators say, she created many pretend on-line profiles sharing photos and make contact with data happiness to her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend.

Investigators aforesaid Chelsey Daniels created a Craigslist ad spoken language, "Looking for a association tonight." Travis County Detective Darrell Gibson says the victim's pic was connected together with her telephone number and email address.

"There's an explicit degree of obscurity on the web and you're thinking that what you are doing in camera stays in camera and that is not the case," Detective Gibson aforesaid.

Detective William Pursley with the state capital local department is functioning to strengthen laws associated with on-line impersonation.

"The venue statute for pc crimes is incredibly restricted. it absolutely was originally written in 1989," aforesaid Pursley.

He desires to mend what he calls a loophole within the law, to permit officers to cross town and state lines to arrest folks for on-line impersonation.

Since these cases are on the increase, he is pushing for Senate Bill 222 to shut the loophole. It capable the House and also the Senate and is anticipated to be signed into law this session.

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